15 September 2014

move it on over!

So some of you have heard or are now hearing that I have completely moved blogs! Duh! Danae will be no more instead I'll be doing things over at Monograms & Parachutes! So head on over and link up with my bloglovin and gfc whatever your preference so we can still be bloggy friends!

06 August 2014

M.I.A confessions

Vodka and Soda

Yet again I went M.I.A from blogging. I have every intention on doing it then something comes along that just shakes my world. I am a very sensitive person and when something bad happens it gets me at my core and just takes over. My dad will say water off a duck but that doesn't work in my world. I'm an overthinker which doesn't help the situation at all. 

When people are mean and ugly hearted it just breaks my heart. I wish I could be stronger but I expect more from people. Even the ones you've learned to expect nothing from will come along and give ya a little slap in the face sometime. July wasn't good, but August is a new month and I'm expecting great things from it. :)

It is still humpday and around these parts we confess more than just a little sadness, ain't nobody got time for that shit.

- The Darland household has started a very strict budget and we are sticking to it!
- I started using some It Works! products recently and I love them. If it fits into my budget I will hopefully start being a distributor. 
- SSG Hubbs is gone for a whole week so that means a lot of junk food and staying up late watching bad reality tv. 
- Gel manicures will forever stay in my budget. The $30 once a month is totally worth the hour of "me time".
- Working two jobs is a lot easier than I thought, I'm super tired all the time but it's not kicking my ass as much as I thought. 

That's all I got for right now besides the fact that it's noon and I am already looking forward to a glass of wine at the end of the night. :) 

21 July 2014

A day in the life

I love  a day in the life posts almost as much as I love GIF's so here ya go!

I'm usually in bed peacefully sleeping when I hear Gunner prancing around the room, I wait a little then he starts whining, a little while longer and he's standing over me with puppy kisses.

In my mini coma I walk to the back door to let them out,  I sit on the couch waiting for them to be let in. I usually fall back asleep and when I hear tank pawing at the door it goes a little something like this.

Then I pour some OJ to sit on the couch only to realize I was not super on top of it and did not prepare a blog post for the day. 

If I don't have to work till later that day then that's a good start. If I do well then...
But way less glamorous.

If I don't have to work I throw on some clothes and get ready to work outside.

I usually water the plants, pick weeds and mow if need be.
Just like that.

Then the fact that I have to work later sinks in.

My day at work consists of this all day...

Once I'm told I can go home it goes a little something like this...

Then I get home and all I want is a smooch from Sergeant Hubbs.

Then it's the best time!

And that's a day in my boring life. I turn out the light and press repeat. I'll plan something better tomorrow I promise!